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50 Years – The Uncanny X-Men

50 Years by The Uncanny X-Men was one of the big songs of 1986 here in Australia. Brian Mannix and the group had a few hits off the Cos Life Hurts album and inspired many Australian teenagers to bleach their hair and wear weird pants!

If you were a teenager in the 80’s in Australia, then you know this song. The Uncanny X-Men released this in 1985 and it reached number 6 on the Australian charts. It’s from their “Cos Life Hurts” album.

Cos Life Hurts Uncanny X-Men 50 yearsI was 16 when this came out and remember the video clip well. Being a guitarist I was impressed by the image of their guitar player standing in the stream, playing his solo on his Fender Telecaster. In fact, I wanted a Tele after I saw this clip (never got one, though).

This song was played at every school social and Blue Light disco that I attended and everyone sung along to the chorus. Of course, we all promised we’d keep in touch and catch up ‘in 50 years’ but none of us really intended to follow through on that.

One kid I went to school with had the Brian Mannix look going on – the blond hair, earring, sunglasses – he did it well. The girls also seemed to like it.

The Uncanny X-Men were named after the Marvel comic of the same name. Of course, the X-Men movies hadn’t come out at that stage, and Marvel probably didn’t care about bands in Australia infringing on their copyright.

I used to play this song in a band. In hindsight we were awful, but that didn’t stop us having fun. I actually sat down and worked out how to play the guitar introduction and the solo for this song. I never had the patience to do that for too many songs, but I did for this one.

50 Years Lyrics

its nearly time we were leaving
we’ll have one more for the road

it dont mean nothin x2

so we gather ’round the table
raise our champagne in the air

it dont mean nothin x2

cause weve got, this night together
well have hear and now forever
dont tell me now…
you can write me a letter

where will we be in 50 years (in 50 years)

so while we’re still together
there aint no need to cry

it dont mean nothin x2


like to say, say to you
like to say, say its true (yeah yeah yeahay)
and theres no one i would rather than you (oh no no),

lets talk about it, some day
when we’re old

it dont mean nothin x2

chorus x2

where will we be in 50 years X4

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