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Fairground Attraction – Perfect

I didn’t think this was an 80’s song – I thought it came out in the 90’s. But I was looking on an old singles chart today and there it was – Perfect by Fairground Attraction. You can find it on this old Aria chart – it was the sixth highest selling single here in Australia in 1988. Louis Armstrong sits below them at number seven, and Kylie Minogue is there are number 5 with I Should Be So Lucky.

So, it doesn’t look like Fairground Attraction had too much more success apart from this song. According to Wikipedia, this song hit number one on the UK singles chart and their album went to number two.

It’s a great song and is still receiving airplay today and features in ads we hear on TV. It’s been on something on TV recently because we’ve been singing it in our house this past week!

Here’s the clip – what horrible (but typical) UK weather!

Were you a Fairground Attraction fan? Do you remember this song?

Leave a comment below and let us know what this song means to you.

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